Santa Cruz County Foster Care and Adoption


Step 1: Attend an Orientation

The orientations provide an overview of the entire Foster Care and Adoption process and an opportunity to meet with Social Workers and other foster and adoptive parents.

The application process to adopt is similar to that of a foster parent. In fact, in order to adopt through the county, the state of California requires that you are technically a foster parent first.

Step 2: Complete the Application Process

To receive a Licensing Application for Foster Care or Adoption after attending an Orientation, call (831) 345-2700 or e-mail us. A Resource Family Specialist can meet with you to complete the paperwork.

  1. Complete all required application forms.
  2. Complete the Live Scan process, a fingerprinting process done for background checks.
  3. Get a Home Inspection and Care Giver Assessment. A Licensing Social Worker will make a visit to inspect your home. Read the Foster Family Home Guide and/or the Manual of Policy and Procedures Foster Family Home [Title 22 Regulations, Div. 6, Chapter 9.5] for Article 1 and 2; Article 2 continued; Article 2 continued and 3; and Article 4 and 5 for a complete list of requirements.
  4. Get child CPR and First Aid Certification.

Step 3: Attend the Appropriate Training

The 15-hour Fostering Foundations training is offered by Cabrillo College free of charge.  This training is offered four times a year in English and once a year in Spanish.  the next Fostering Foundations class begins in September.

Step 4: Have an Interview and Home Inspection

At the point you have turned in a completed application, the Licensing Unit will set up a time to meet with you in your home. 

Step 5: Child Placement

Get ready for the phone calls from a social worker looking for a wonderful home for a wonderful child.