Provider Enrollment

All IHSS providers must complete the provider enrollment process noted below and pass a background check before they are eligible to be paid by the IHSS program.

Provider Enrollment Process

To enroll as an IHSS Provider:

1. Go to the IHSS Independent Provider Enrollment Center for Santa Cruz County Website.

  • Click on the “Start” button and complete the Provider Information section.
  • Click on the “Watch the Orientation Video” button and watch the mandatory provider videos.
  • Once all required videos have been viewed, click on the “Electronically Sign Documents” button to sign the IHSS Provider Enrollment form
  • After signing the enrollment forms, click on “Schedule an Appointment” button to schedule your In-Person Orientation  

2. Attend the In-Person Orientation to:

  • Submit original Social Security Card and Identification documents.
  • Obtain the Live Scan form (required to complete the background check).
  • Meet with SEIU 2015 representatives
  • Attend a Question and Answers session with Public Authority and IHSS Fiscal (payroll) staff

3. Submit fingerprint images at a local Live Scan location (there is a required fee)


Once the Public Authority has confirmed that steps 1-3 above have been completed and has received your Live Scan results, a letter will be sent to you regarding your eligibility as an IHSS provider.

If you have any questions regarding the Provider Enrollment Process or your status as a provider, please call the Public Authority at (831) 454-4036.