CalWORKs Child Care

What is CalWORKs Child Care?

CalWORKs Child Care Program helps eligible families pay for monthly child care as they move through their Welfare-to-Work activities towards employment and self-sufficiency.

You have the ability to choose the type of child care you think is best for your children. There are many options which include: A relative, friend, family child care provider, some recreational programs and licensed child care centers.

In Santa Cruz County, the child care program is available for CalWORKs children through age 12, exceptional needs, and severely disabled children through age 18. For children ages 11 and 12, use of an after-school program for child care is preferred.

Eligibility Requirements

  • You currently receive CalWORKs Cash Aid
  • You meet income limits
  • You are either working or participating in CalWORKs Employment Services (CWES) activities

If you are no longer on CalWORKs Cash Aid, your income level must be verified and you will need to meet other requirements.

CalWORKs Child Care Stages

  1. For a family first entering into a CWES activity or employment. The family may be served for up to six months or until the work activity and child care become stable.
  2. For families in stable CWES activities, or when the family is transitioned off of cash aid. Families may continue to receive child care up to twenty-four months after they are no longer eligible for cash aid.
  3. Begins when a funded space is available and when the client has acquired the twent-four months of child care, after transition off of cash aid.