Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Resource Links

Training and Support

  • Cabrillo College Foster & Kinship Education Program: Calendar of training and support groups offered to foster parents, relative caregivers and those interested in adoption.  http://www.cabrillo.edu/associations/fostercare.
  • Triple P Positive Parenting Program: Schedule of parenting classes offered throughout Santa Cruz County. http://www.first5scc.org/families-are-strong/triple-p.
  • Meridian Psychotherapy Group: Licensed therapists offering free counseling services for caregivers at any stage in the adoption process, inclidng the very initial stage of trying to decide whether or not adoption is a good fit for their family. (LInk to flier)

Information for Relative Caregivers

Fun Activities for Kids

Other Useful Links

  • iFoster: Offers support, resources and information sharing for foster families, children and youth. This includes a program providing laptops to foster youth at greatly reduced cost. http://ifoster.org/
  • Kids Data: Find data about the health and well-being of children in communities across California. http://www.kidsdata.org/
  • Child and Family Web Guide - Tufts University: A directory that evaluates, describes, and provides links to hundreds of sites containing child developmental research and practical advice. http://www.cfw.tufts.edu/
  • Foster Parent Considering Adoption: A government publication covering issues useful for foster parents to consider when thinking about permanency. http://www.childwelfare.gov/pubs/f_fospar.pdf
  • Foster Youth Help: The website designed specifically for foster youth, provides an overview of relevant laws, rights and resources. http://www.fosteryouthhelp.ca.gov/default.htm