Thursday, September 21, 2017

IHSS PA Provider Applications

Are you an IHSS consumer in Santa Cruz County and need help finding an independent provider?

The registry is here to help.  A Registry Social Worker will gather information about your needs and preferences in order to identify pre-screened registry providers you may want to interview.

Are you an eligible provider looking for work with more IHSS consumers?

Are you looking for meaningful work helping others in your community?  As a Registry Provider, we will refer you to IHSS consumers looking for a provider and offer ongoing support in your employment relationship.

We have several clients in need of a provider that is:

  • Willing to work in North Santa Cruz County including Capitola and the City of Santa Cruz.
  • Willing to work in the San Lorenzo Valley or Santa Cruz Mountain communities.
  • Experienced in working with high needs clients (care for G-tube, trachea tube, etc.).

The Public Authority can be reached at (831) 454-4036.